Normal Lamps or Shatterproof?

Whilst standard lamps are acceptable for many applications sometimes a shatterproof lamp is required. In certain food prep areas it may also be mandatory.

A shatterproof lamp has a coating on it so in the event of the lamp breaking, the glass and other contaminants do not spray everywhere. The most common time for a UV lamp to break is during maintenance and when changing lamps.

Areas where a shatterpoof lamp may be necessary include kitchens, restaurants, schools, retirement homes, shops, food storage areas (including warehouses), hotels, prisons, swimming pools, agricultural areas, veterinarian clinics, chemical plants and pharmaceutical plants.

Whilst it is always best to avoid placing a fly killer machine directly over any food, sometimes this is unavoidable. That is when using shatterproof lamps is particularly important.

Most of the lamps we sell are also available in the shatterpoof option. If you cannot find the lamp you need on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us