Electric Grid vs Glueboard Fly Killers

Advantages of Electric Grid Machines:
The prime advantage Electric Grid fly killers is killing speed. They zaps flying insects dead pretty much instantly, which is a far more humane and efficient way of dealing with pests.
Another secondary advantage is that electric grid machines are low cost to maintain, there is no need to replace glueboards, and the dead flies can be removed by sliding out the catch tray.
Disadvantages of Electric Grid Machines:
Electric Grid fly killers can be a little noisy and it can be harder to count the number of insects it has dispatched. Electric Grid fly killers also use up more electricity than their glueboard counterparts.
Whilst we only sell the highest quality machines here, cheaper machines have a risk of setting the carcasses of flies on fire, and they can explode too. This primarily happens when an insect comes into contact with multiple sections of the killing grid. However our Fly killers have all been carefully designed by experts to minimise this risk.
Advantages of Glueboard machines:
Glueboard machines are both silent and unobtrusive. Many Glueboard machines are aesthetically designed to blend in with modern furnishings, enabling businesses to use them in front of house areas. This is a major benefit for restaurants who don’t want their customers seeing dead insects or hearing them zapped when enjoying a meal.
Glueboard machines also use far less electricity and there is no chance of a fly catching on fire or exploding.
Disadvantages of Glueboard Machines:
The only disadvantages to glueboard machines, is that the glueboards themselves have to be changed regularly and the insects do take a longer time to die.