What are Discreet Fly Killers?

Discreet fly killers are fly killing machines that are cunningly disguised to blend in with ordinary furnishings. They discreetly and silently kill off flying insects whilst looking like ordinary lamps.

Ideal for front of house areas, the ideal discreet fly killer does its job ‘unseen’ and ‘unheard’. No restaurant owner or hotel manager will want his (or her) customers to be thinking about flies when sitting down to enjoy a relaxing meal but they will want their customers protected from pests.

Flying pests can see into the ultra violet spectrum but humans cannot. Your customers will never know that the innocuous looking lamp is actually beaming light that is irresistible to pests all across your restaurant. Make sure you get a model powerful enough to cover every inch of your premises (or buy multiple smaller models and position them strategically).

Nearly every discreet fly killer is a glueboard model, to avoid the distinctive ‘ZAP’ that the electric grid models give off.

Discreet fly killers come in many forms, shapes and sizes, so hopefully you can find one that fits into the decor of your business. They are also suitable for hospitals, dentists, gyms, schools, theatres, cinemas, places of worship and a spa.