Insectocutor fly killers and zappers. Fly screens and uv bulbs from Insectocutor

Fly Killers and Fly Screens by Insectocutor. Buy on line from our selection of high quality fly killer machines, uv lamps, glueboards and flyscreens.

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Insect-O-Cutor Smart traps are unique to the WISE concept. They form part of an intergrated defence system further enhancing the speed of insect elimination by electric fly killers.

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Arkay Hygiene - Attractant Tablets for Fly Traps
Attractant Tablets for Fly Traps

Attractant Tablets for Fly Traps. These tablets attract flying insects but are harmless to humans. They last for 3 months once open.

Exc.V.A.T: 2.05


Arkay Hygiene - Dome Fly & Wasp Trap (excluding lure)
Dome Fly & Wasp Trap (excluding lure)

Dome fly & wasp trap (excluding lure). Ideal for use outside. Hang a few around the garden as a wasp and fly decoy - you can have your barbecue in peace! Wasp and Fly Lure Chemical is required (not supplied - please purchase separately)

Exc.V.A.T: 6.45


Arkay Hygiene - Garden Fly & Wasp Trap
Garden Fly & Wasp Trap

Garden Fly & Wasp Trap F100 with Lure. Just hang it on any structure (tree, fence etc).

Exc.V.A.T: 9.82


Arkay Hygiene - Moth Trap with Moth Lure
Moth Trap with Moth Lure

Three part construction made of robust plastic. Ideal for use in dusty conditions. Includes 4 pheromone dispensers and record card. For industrial or domestic use.

Exc.V.A.T: 17.18


Arkay Hygiene - Wasp and Fly Lure
Wasp and Fly Lure

Liquid bait that attracts wasps and flies to the F100 Fly and Wasp Trap and the Dome Fly and Wasp Trap. Contains 250ml

Exc.V.A.T: 3.83


Arkay Hygiene - Waspbane Bait Refill
Waspbane Bait Refill

Bait Refill for the Waspbane

Exc.V.A.T: 14.95


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